Board Profile – Alan Digby

A bit about you:

Name: Alan Digby


Current home town:  Melton Mowbray


Birthplace:  Melton Mowbray


When did you first support LCFC? All my Life (49 Years)


When did you first join on the Trust Board? June 2003


Why did you join? Because I believed that the Supporters should have a say in how the Club is ran/run.


What is your main role? Company Secretary


If you were to say one thing about why you feel other supporters should join the Trust, what would it be? If you care about the future of English football & LCFC then join!


Overview of LCFC:

Favourite thing about the ground:  It is not the City Ground (Nottingham)!!


Favourite view and/or where you sit: Back Row of the Kop, SK4, in Front of the TV Boxes


Favourite match & why:  In the KPS?,  beating Man Utd., 5-3


Favourite player of all time who played for our club:  Keith Weller


Our 15/16 Season:

At what stage did you think we would win the league? After the Spurs Away Game – We won 1-0, Robert Huth Header


Where were you when the final whistle went at the Chelsea v Spurs game and how did you feel? At home in front of the TV. Started screaming, then crying!!


Where were you when we were presented with the trophy and how did you feel? In the KPS in my seat. Still in shock & disbelief!!

How has Leicester winning the league changed the perception of the club? I think it has increased the Worldwide Profile of LCFC immensely.


Has it made a difference to you personally? No, we are still a "small" provincial English Team in my mind. (although hopefully an established PL Team now?)


Any other comments in relation to that incredible season? It's unbelievable Geoff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!