International Interest in Spurs Game

Following last season's experience, where the Foxes Trust handled over 120 media requests for interviews with journalists from France, Germany, Italy, Finland, Austria, Thailand, Japan, New Zealand and the United States. alongside a number of international media companies including Reuters, CNN, Al Jazeera as well as BBC Worldwide and frequent appearances on Premier League TV which is syndicated to broadcasters covering 400 million people, the Trust has a resurgance in recent weeks as Leicester City progressed in the Champions League, while seeming to falter in the Premier League.

Last week Premier League TV followed up Claudio Ranieri's "get angry" comments by asking Trust Chairman, Ian Bason whether fans had seen Claudio's angry side, while this week L'Equipe spoke to Ian about the season so far in the run up to the Spurs game.

Reuters now preview a featured match each week by talking to fans of both clubs, this week our game is featured, with Trust Treasurer, Di Statham giving her views which can be read here